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Immaturity Part 1: Why I’m Flamboyant

I’m starting a series about immaturity.  I’m seen and identify as in various ways immature for my age.  I feel this usually derives from my Autism.  This gets messy in the politics of Autism, because we really do not want … Continue reading

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I didn’t mean you when I said “you”

I’m apparently off to a promising start at being inflammatory or something.  I already sort of offended the second close friend that I showed my first post to.  My goals for the following are 1) to correct what went wrong … Continue reading

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I claim this land in the name of small herbaceous plants!

I’m starting a blog because I might be trying to go back to school next year and I need to have a well established blog first.  I will explain. Who I Am and What I’m For. I just turned 30 … Continue reading

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